Kneipp's barefoot path

Walking barefoot is one of the most effective natural body therapies. Allow us to take you into the unspoiled nature of the Tuhinj Valley to experience a connection with nature on the Kneipp Barefoot Trail. A virtual walk is available HERE.


The barefoot path will awaken all your senses. Participants will initially walk barefoot on a short barefoot trail to warm up, and from here on the 3.2 km long themed trail, awarded in 2018. The barefoot trail is equipped with twelve training elements. The path runs through meadows, sand, through the forest and other natural materials. The small muscles of the foot will strengthen on the softness of grass, bark, earth, sand, even on river stones. Along the way, you can also perform other Kneipp therapies in the natural environment, such as stork walking and hand bath. Together, we will discover the beneficial effects of herbs on our own herb garden. A light Kneipp snack awaits you along the way.

So take off your shoes and let nature fill us with energy, invigorate and rejuvenate us!


Guided tour is available in Slovenian and English. 

The number is limited to a maximum of 15 people. The minimum number to perform is 3 people.

Meeting point: reception of Terme Snovik. The trip takes about 1.5 hours.

We recommend light sportswear. In case of rainy weather, the experience does not take place.


Additional information on upcoming dates on the telephone number 01 83 44 100 or e-mail

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