Discover the World of Kneipp


More than 100 years ago, the priest and naturopath, Sebastian Kneipp, created a holistic life concept which sees the human being, his life habits and his natural environment as an inseparable and well-balanced unity. Kneipp's brilliant philosophy is grounded on the five basic elements of water, herbs, exercise, nutrition and balance.

In our lovely ambience, we welcome you to experience, enjoy and feel the implementation and effects of his philosophy.


At Terme Snovik, we have decided to enrich our offer with Kneipp therapy and thus continue the tradition of Kneipp Kurhaus in Kamnik, where they started with very successful Kneipp therapy sessions as early as 1891.  The public bath stood at the confluence of the Nevljica and Kamniška Bistrica rivers. It was so successful that Sebastian Kneipp, the inventor of Kneipp therapy, even publicly recommended visiting this bath.


Sebastian Kneipp, a German priest, hydro and phytotherapist, established a system of five pillars for maintaining the health of the body and mind: water, herbs, movement, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Because he himself cured tuberculosis by bathing in the cold Danube in his youth, he decided to devote his life to treating people naturally.


With us, EVERY DAY is a Kneipp day. We have incorporated all of Kneipp's principles into our existing offer, which has been friendly to people and the environment from the very beginning. 


Kneipp barefoot experience

after the award-winning Best Themed Trail of the Year 2018


Think about when you last walked barefoot, and we don't mean at home on shiny parquet, but on a grassy or forest carpet. Allow us to take you to the unspoiled nature of Tuhinj Valley and experience the connection with nature on the Kneipp barefoot path. Small foot muscles will strengthen on the softness of grass, bark, earth, sand, even water stones, we will walk barefoot in the passing stream and get to know Kneipp affusions. The 3.2 km long barefoot path will awaken your senses; we will take you on Kneipp's life philosophy of maintaining the balance of the body and mind for a healthy active life. Together we will discover the beneficial effects of herbs in our own herb garden, and a tasty surprise awaits you as well.

So let's take off our shoes and surrender to nature, which will fill us with energy, revive and rejuvenate us! But first, we invite you to take a virtual walk on the barefoot path.

You can book the Kneipp barefoot experience after purchasing it in the online shop, and also check out the carefully designed Kneipp package for getting to know a healthy lifestyle according to Sebastian Kneipp, which will be led by a personal Kneipp guide. Learn more about the package HERE.




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