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The valley is full of natural sights you can explore on foot or by bike. A stop at the river spring and by thethe 'Dom v Kamniški Bistrici' hut is always a good idea. The valley is also a very popular starting point for several hikes to the Kamnik Alps.


Velika Planina invites with plenty of opportunities for walks and hikes across the mountain pasture showcasing natural and ethnological curiosities that you don’t want to miss. The fastest way to Velika Planina is by cable car from Kamniška Bistrica.


The Volčji Potok Arboretum is the most visited botanical park in Slovenia. Take a walk among more than 3,500 species of different plants from all over the world. The blooming tulips in the spring should not to be missed.


While northern slopes of the plateau are covered by mixed forest, the south boasts extensive pastures. The hike towards the highest peak of the plateau, Vivodnik is among the most popular. Nearby, a mountain hut is located.


The Natural Healing Resort of Tunjice is an open-air holistic health centre with 10 healing spots, located near St. Anne’s Church in Tunjice. In addition to numerous energy springs, there’s a well with healing living water.


Rudolf Maister’s Birthplace is a separate branch of the Inter-municipal Museum of Kamnik. Discover the life and work of General Maister, the Slovene general, patriot and poet.


Budnar's museum house is a unique life museum of our ancestors with its hundreds of years old tradition of maintaining the image of old farm houses and a simple way of life in the village.


The best way to reach the Sv.Miklavž is to start at the village of Snovik. Afterwards, you need to turn right at the chapel. The marked trail will lead you to the village of Hruševka. Once you cross Hruševka stream, turn right onto the cart track that leads to the top of the hill, where the fortified Church of Saint Nicholas is located.


Ask for advice, hint for a trip or anything else regarding Kamnik and its surroundings. The tourist office offers free maps, brochures, information on guided tours as well as friendly advice from knowledgeable staff.

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